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Measuring Guide

When buying a new piece of furniture you’ll want to know that it is the right size and proportion for your room and sits well alongside existing furniture that you may have. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • 1.  Make a note of the dimensions listed against our products.
  • 2.  Map out these dimensions on the floor in your chosen spot.  It helps to do this with masking tape or by laying sheets of newspaper to size.  If you can, it really helps to mark out the height with a box or another piece of furniture e.g. the back of a chair to help visualise the height.
  • 3.  Make sure you have enough space to walk around the piece for furniture and to open any doors or drawers.  The recommended space between two pieces of furniture (for example a coffee table and a sofa) to allow for easy access through, is a minimum of 60cm.
  • 4.  Take care to account for skirting boards and architrave when measuring, always measuring to the shortest distance between two points.
  • 5.  For help in visualising the furniture in your home, use our ‘View in my Room’ function from the product page.


Will it fit in your home?

Now that you have decided that the furniture will go in the room as you’d planned, it’s important to measure the access to make sure it will fit through doorways and entry halls.  Don’t forget to assess all routes into a room, the one that you use most often may not be the easiest access point, for example if you have double doors to the garden it may be easier to bring the furniture in this way.

  • 1.  Measure the height (A) and width (B) of all doorways, corridors and stairwells.
  • 2.  Measure the entry clearance (C) for all doorways – this is the distance between the far wall of the room you’re putting the furniture in and the entrance/corridor wall directly opposite the doorway opening.
  • 3.  The diagonal height of the furniture should not be bigger than the height of the door (A) or entry clearance (C).  For help in calculating the diagonal height, please contact us by phone or email or if you’re a whizz at maths try following this formula:

 √(height2 + Width2) = diagonal height

  • 4.  The depth of the furniture should be less than the width of the doorway (B).
  • 5.  Check that all widths and diagonal depths of furniture are less than the entry dimensions.


Other things to consider

  • 1.  If the item needs to be taken upstairs you should also consider the clearance area directly above your stairs.  Shallow ceilings may make manoeuvring large furniture difficult.
  • 2.  It is important to consider other fittings in a room such as radiators, light switches, sockets and overhead lights to make sure that these won’t block access or that the furniture won’t cover them when in place.
  • 3.  Before receiving delivery of furniture, make sure that all access points are clear and remove pictures/mirrors from the wall to avoid accidents.
  • 4.  See our delivery information for more guidance on how your furniture will be delivered to you.
  • 5.  If you need any further advice please contact us on 0115 9533007 or and we’ll be happy to help.







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